2020 International Festival





WUES students, families, and friends

International Festival event is Friday, Jan 24, 2020

What is International Festival? When is the event? Where will it be? Is that a new logo for 2020 ? What is the theme for 2020 ? Do I need to create a tri board? What cultural shows are we having? Can I sing our national anthem? Can I do my traditional dance with my friends? Do I need to bring my own flag for the parade? Where do we do the parade? What food selection could we purchase during the festival night? What food should I prepare? How do we do the food tasting ? How can I help? How do I sign up to be a volunteer? Do I get prizes? How do I represent my country? What’s our financial goal to help our school? What logistic do I need to prepare for my country table?
How can I contribute to sponsor the festival? Can I dress up in my costume during the festival? Can my friends and families attend? Can I team up with other families from the same country? I’m by myself but I’d like to represent my country. Can I get some help?


Join us for our 1st Informational Meeting

Wednesday, September 25th, at 8 AM

Multi-Purpose Room at WUES - Refreshments will be provided.


Have your questions answered, meeting new friends, learn something and find out why you must join this most anticipated enrichment curriculum program!

Enrica Vagliani Gray | Natesha Tama-Madison | Selin Salerian
Contact: IFWUES@gmail.com or www.westupto.org/international-fest

International Festival

MPR - Cafeteria at WUES

2020 International Festival theme is about our Environment. Join us to represent your country of heritage, be on stage for the cultural performance, participate for the parade in your national costumes, bring your staple dish to share with everyone!

Sign up HERE! Or, if you have questions, email us!


International Festival Co-Chairs:

Anastasia Domakhina

Martina Luke-Dorn

Julie Gibson

How to do the morning greeting


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