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Travel the World in West University Place

Watch the 2022   International Festival Highlights!

Who: All WUES Travelers!

What:  Get ready for International Travel! Explore (new) food, music, dances,

costumes, souvenirs, and much more. The event is based on the concept of a

“drive-thru”. Country representatives will showcase their heritage in the

convenience of their front lawn, or have the option to put up a display table

in a designated area in front of the school.

All other participating families, the “Travelers”, will receive a passport and a map to find the potential stopping points for the countries. If you document at least 5 different stops, you are eligible for a raffle and great prizes!

Fabulous prizes - visit at least 5 countries, document this in your passport,

send a picture to us, and you are eligible for a raffle and great prizes!

Where:  Front lawns of WUES Country Representatives! The Country Representatives are free to display their respective country on their own front lawn or in front of the school! 

When:  Thursday, April 7th, from 4-6 pm

How: Please sign up here to become a Country Representative: 

No need to sign up as a traveler! Just get the passport, maps, and travel guides listed above.

International Festival Chairs 2022

Julie Gibson | Martina Luke-Dorn | Vicky Yip

For questions contact us at

2021 International Festival 
Highlights Video
2021 International Festival 
Promotional Video
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