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We have started the process of populating our parent/student directory for 2023–2024! 


The WUES Directory will be hosted by DirectorySpot and will be accessible via the web and a mobile app. 


We do not receive any contact information from the school directly, so the directory will be populated based on submissions from families.


Once live, you'll be able to use the directory to easily search for teachers' contact information and contact information for other families at the school.


How do I submit my family's information to the directory?

Complete the online form by Friday, September 15. CLICK HERE for form!


The survey gives you the option to submit information for up to three children at WUES. If you have more than three children enrolled, please contact directly. 


Do I have to submit my family's information in order to have access to the directory?

Yes. Only parents/guardians who submit their family's information via the online survey will be granted access to the directory.


Do I have to provide my physical address, email address, and phone number?

Email addresses for whoever will want access to the directory are required, as that is what is used to grant access. Physical addresses and phone numbers are optional.


How many parents/guardians can be listed per family?

The directory only allows for two guardians to be listed in the formal "Guardians" section of the app. If you would like to have additional Parents/Guardians listed, please include their information in the "Other Information" section at the end of the survey. 


We have multiple households for our kids—how do we submit our information?

That's up to you. You can choose to submit the survey once and include both parents' information together, or each parent can submit their own survey and we will reconcile the information on the back end. 


Is my data secure?

Yes. More information can be found on DirectorySpot's Security page.


When will the directory be ready?

Our goal is to have the directory live before the end of September. Once it's ready, you will receive login information via email from DirectorySpot. 


We look forward to receiving your submissions! For any questions about the WUES Directory, please email

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