Sociables Co-chairs:

Lauren Gates

Yésely L. Love

Shirley Nwosu

Contact the Sociables Team at


Any WUES parent or group of parents can host or help host a Sociable. Sociables can be for children, adults or families.


A Sociable is a fun party that raises money for our school and our children. Sociables fill up your calendar with fun and are the perfect way to strengthen friendships and make new friendships!


Sociables are scheduled throughout the school year by the hosts of each party.


Sociables can be hosted virtually, at school and off campus. Please note that all Sociables must be held virtually until we are back at school on campus.


Sociables can be purchased online. Families sign up by paying the PTO to attend the event. To host a Sociable, please complete this easy online form! Need ideas? Check this list out!

Important: Please note that all sociables must meet current guidelines for COVID-19 including appropriate group size, social distancing, etc. All sociables scheduled prior to return to in-person school must be conducted virtually. Thank you and thank you for supporting our school!