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Any WUES parent or group of parents can host or co-host a Sociable. Sociables can be for kids, adults or families. Events can be held for a class, grade or any group of friends.


Sociables fill up your calendar with fun events and are a perfect way to strengthen existing friendships and to make new ones! Below are some kid and adult event ideas, but we want to know your ideas too.  Once you have your idea, the Sociables team is here to support you, promote your event and collect the funds for your event.


Sociables can be held on campus in the MPR or off-campus at places like the Scout House, your home, event location, etc.  Have fun inviting as many people as you like.


Sociables are scheduled throughout the year by the hosts of each party.


A Sociable raises money for WUES!


It is simple and easy to organize your event. Simply, fill out the WUES Sociables form at  Your Sociable Chairs Angela Castle, Heather Conerly, Lauren Gates & Shirley Nwosu will follow up with you and can answer any questions you have by reaching out to them at Hosts may either cover the entire cost of the Sociable or may add an amount to the admission price to cover a portion of the Sociable.  This is a fundraiser, so the hope is to raise as much money as possible for our incredible school. Class funds are not to be used for Sociables.   


You will learn about all the exciting Sociables that are happening from friends, room moms, PTO social media pages and the Mustang News.

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