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  • Corporate Sponsorship - Please consult Jordan Jewett, Corporate Sponsorship Chair, PRIOR to contacting outside businesses.

  • Requesting Checks to Vendors - Please fill out the Reimbursement FormPlease note that this can take up two weeks.

  • Requesting Cash for Custodians/Tips - Contact Casey Ball, VP Treasurer Expense, ONE week prior to need.

  • Reimbursement Form - Please remember: 

    • All expenses require a Reimbursement Form.

    • PTO CAN NOT reimburse for sales tax.

    • The IRS Sales Tax Exemption form can be found on this page.

    • Forms must be dated the same as the invoice date or earliest invoice date if multiple invoices are included.

    • All forms need a VP signature before being submitted to Casey Ball, VP Treasurer - Expense.

    • Please allow two weeks for reimbursements.

  • Squares - If you need to use the Squares for your event, please contact Brittany McDowell, VP-Treasurer - Income.

  • Budgets - Please contact Angela Castle, VP Budget & Finance for your budget and/or to request budget increases.


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