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  • Completing the recycling relay in PE

  • Painting and embroidering microorganisms on burlap coffee bags in Art

  • Adding our footprint to the bulletin board during the Library

  • Repurposing musical instruments in Music

  • Playing the recycling game in Science Lab

  • Enjoying special activities in Computer class

  • Sharing information during announcements (thanks 5th graders)!

  • Learning with additional activities with homeroom teachers 



  • Bike, scooter, or walk to school (weather permitting)!

  • Turn off your car while waiting in the carpool line when the weather allows

  • Sign up for West U's curbside composting program, learn more here


​DONATE (drop off containers next to the front office):

  • Used textiles (Clothing items) will go to MendIt 

  • Used toothbrushes, toothpaste containers, flossers, toothbrush heads, etc. will go to Terracycle

  • Not sure where you can take something? Check the West U Collects page here or download the app!

  • Collecting used Crayons, Markers, Highlighters, and Pens with Girl Scout Troop #146153 Monday 5/15 - Friday 5/19 (flyer coming soon!)

  • School Supply recycling at the end of the year dates TBD

  • Project Reuse Depot for reusing tri-boards and sharing materials

  • Classroom Recycling - We are happy to announce that we are reviving the classroom recycling process with new dedicated recycling bins (thanks to the PTO) and easier access to recycling dumpsters! We are working with the custodial team to include kids in the process and divert as much recyclable material as possible.

  • Event Recycling - We are partnering with event co-chairs to increase recycling, have food waste composting, and offer water stations in place of water bottles. 

  • Composting in the Garden with Ms. Adkison

  • HISD Plastics Pilot Program (coming soon and will be an ongoing initiative at WUES)

Can you help us?

We love volunteers who are passionate or want to learn more about ways to make the school greener. Sound like you? Send an email to to share ideas and get involved!

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