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Watch the WUES Cafeteria Composting Video!


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  • Re-introduced classroom recycling, purchased dedicated recycling bins, and switched out recycling dumpsters

  • Created Recycling website for WUES

  • Built relationship with HISD's Sustainability Department

  • Ran and won HISD's "Race to Zero Waste" pilot, a partnership with City of Houston (plastics initiative)

  • Increased school awareness and interest in recycling through building relationships with administrative and facilities staff (in general)

  • Ran the following recycling collections:

    • Candy Wrapper Recycling (Rubicon)

    • Used toothbrush and toothpaste (Houston Zoo)

    • Unusable clothes (Mendit)

  • Mentored WUES Girl scouts in creating a program to recycle used markers, highlighters, colored pencils and crayons.

  • Collected end of year used and unneeded school supplies which were either recycled, reallocated, or donated to an underserved school in Houston (Shearn Elementary. Multiple carloads of donated school supplies. Currently working to build a relationship with this school for future assistance)

  • Trash audit

  • Professionally power washed trash bins

  • Service day

    • Pick up trash, recyclables, and clothes (donated)

    • Inservice on composting and educational games

    • Built compost bins for trees

    • Planted seeds with kids

    • Released ladybugs for natural pest repellant

    • Spray painted trash and recycle bins on playground

  • Earth day:

    • Ancillary activities

    • Morning announcement education

    • Mendit, zoo toothbrushes

    • HISD plastic initiative

  • Assisted at events

    • Art

    • Stem

    • Boo Bash


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Recycling Co-Chairs

Lindsay Gregory & Julie Fehl

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