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Thank you, Birthday Book Club contributors. Your donations directly benefit our wonderful WUES library. Ms. Landry has a great selection of new books for your child to pick from. Invitation bookmarks will be coming soon!


A very special “Happy Birthday!” to:


APRIL Birthdays!

Margaret Prescott - April 3rd

James Goff - April 4th

Sofia Agudelo-Tovar - April 4th

Matthew Gates - April 7th

Anna Dodig - April 8th

Evelyn Rose Gregory - April 11th

Leona - April 14th

Henri Plaa - April 17th

Theodore Spoehr - April 20th

Henry Herman - April 21st

Maxwell Spoehr - April 21st

Alec Dean Mintz - April 22nd

Elliot Abraham - April 23rd

Izzy McKenny - April 23rd

Morayo Obafemi - April 24th

Wilson Burley - April 28th

MARCH Birthdays!

Sadie Madry - March 3rd
Grace Isla Richardson - March 5th
Yang,Zheng - March 6th
Parker Pope - March 8th
Imogen Brownlie - March 8th
Daniel Beavan - March 9th
William Nelson - March 10th
Mary Claire Dunwoody - March 10th
Charley Conerly - March 12th
Kathryn Westin - March 12th
Alexandra Mathews - March 14th
Caroline Craig - March 17th
Eliza Camp - March 18th
David Ni - March 18th
Blake Hawkins - March 18th
Sadie Schoettelkotte - March 18th

Mary Wynne Parker - March 19th
Katie Ruth Loverin - March 19th
Edie Tcholakian - March 20th
William Kuban - March 20th
Nora Butler - March 20th
Riley Madry - March 21st
Juliet Elena Cloonan - March 23rd
Desh Kian Ang - March 24th
Claire Wion - March 24th
Audrey Gerdes - March 25th
Jack Ringquist - March 28th
Lucas Di Fiori - March 28th
Jack Gannon - March 31st
Jack carrere - March 31st
Liliana Shiu - March 31st

AUGUST Half-Birthdays!

Cash Hobeika - August 1st
Juliana Miller - August 4th
Ellora Kelkar - August 4th
Franklin Porter - August 8th
Logan Hawkins - August 10th
Lizzie Dosualdo - August 13th
Charlie Thompson - August 16th

Chloe McQuade - August 17th
Arabella Herman - August 21st
James Camp - August 22nd
Matthew Herman - August 22nd
Lucas Bronstein - August 23rd
Mila Mostaghimi - August 25th
Enrique Espinoza - August 25th

FEBRUARY Birthdays!

Christopher Anguay - February 2nd
May Robertson - February 2nd
Jack Robertson - February 2nd
Henry Brown - February 2nd
Margaret Monsour - February 5th
James Couvillion - February 7th
Emilia Montemayor - February 8th
Murat Ceyhan - February 12th
Julia Monsour - February 14th
Adam Rahman - February 15th
Brady Wagner - February 15th
Luke Fehl - February 16th

Lauren Foley - February 17th
Sabrina Scheet - February 18th
Amalea - February 20th
Kennedy Anh Sporn - February 20th
Whitt Hendricks - February 21st
Coco McCarthy - February 23rd
Jacob Darbyshire - February 24th
Dominic Anguay - February 24th
Vivian Zamora - February 25th
Gavin Spansel - February 26th
Liam Landry - February 27th

JULY Half-Birthdays!

Matías Di Fiori - July 1st

Valentina Di Fiori - July 1st

Kackie Plumb - July 3rd

Caroline Parker - July 6th

Foster Gerdes - July 7th

James Kushnerick - July 8th

Scotty Johnson - July 9th

Randall Jay Huang - July 10th

Hallie Guerrini - July 11th

Felix Straub - July 12th

Yuito Terakado - July 13th

Cal Craig July - 15th

Emiliano Pavlik - July 16th

Griffin Gannon - July 16th

Ollie Craig - July 20th

Will Robertson - July 24th

Ross Robertson - July 24th

Rose Schlacher - July 29th

Charlotte Wamp - July 30th

JANUARY Birthdays!

Dag Wennerstrom - January 4th

Magnus Seale - January 7th

Emma Laurito - January 9th

Ian Oliver - January 11th

Kaki Dugan - January 11th

Maddiy Horner - January 11th

Claire Qian - January 11th

DJ Johnson - January 14th

Charlotte Pine - January 16th

Raya Raghavan - January 17th

Blake Rynders - January 17th

Crosby Borchardt - January 18th

Julia Dutton - January 19th

Luke Doughty - January 20th

Greer Stasney - January 23rd

Charlotte Austin - January 24th

Mila Allen - January 26th

Frances Prescott - January 26th

Timothy Jonathan Huang - January 27th

Allie Pope - January 28th

Ella Engelbrecht - January 28th

Shivank Mehta - January 29th

Larson Wells - January 29th

JUNE Half-Birthdays!

Evie Benitez - June 5th
Robbie Whitten - June 8th
Scarlett Disch - June 9th
Quinn Reichenbach - June 9th
Ella Burley - June 9th
Laura Ganer - June 13th
Parisa Rizzo - June 14th
Liam Jhaveri - June 14th
Daniela Agudelo-Tovar - June 15th

Ravi Dave - June 16th
Elizabeth Brasher - June 18th
Elliot Fuller - June 19th
Henry Van Meter - June 21st
Will Spansel - June 27th
Charlotte Thompson - June 27th
Zain Chadraoui - June 27th
Charlie Droubi - June 27th
Leia Wu - June 30th

DECEMBER Birthdays!

Zoelle Bukhari - December 5th
Mia Hartman - December 5th
Sophia Kreider - December 5th
Cameron Boucher - December 5th
Lily Brown - December 8th
Maverik Jacks - December 8th
Eloise Moran - December 12th
Oliver Castillo - December 12th
Gustavo Madero - December 14th
Shoma Terakado - December 15th

Kate Davis - December 17th
Emilie Ganer - December 18th
Della Hartman - December 19th
Mac Kirklin - December 19th
Wellesley McKenny - December 20th
Cora Elizabeth Gregory - December 20th
Arthur Porter - December 25th
Graham Carroll - December 26th
Nathaniel Zamora - December 27th

NOVEMBER Birthdays!

Carter Loverin - November 1st
Crosby Mills - November 3rd
Matthew Chan - November 3rd
Miguel Bermudez - November 5th
Wynn Stasney - November 5th
Ciana Cottone - November 11th
Julia Aguilar - November 12th
Melisa Ceyhan - November 12th
Grant Mayo - November 13th
Scarlett Formidoni - November 14th
Greta Collins - November 14th

Siana Mahagaokar - November 15th
Daniel Droubi - November 19th
Rui, Zheng - November 20th
Ainsley Clingenpeel - November 22nd
Conrad Clingenpeel - November 23rd
Charlie Willis - November 24th
Row Willis - November 24th
Ronak Ratan - November 24th
Heidi Clingenpeel - November 26th
Ansh Doshi - November 28th

OCTOBER Birthdays!

Aria Torres - October 1st
Eve Burfitt - October 2nd
Elijah Rubinstein - October 2nd
Ayaan Ali Bhojani - October 2nd
Evelyn Craig - October 5th
Rohan Ratan - October 7th
Catalina Indira Ganc - October 7th
Behr Echols - October 8th
Trey Milligan - October 9th
Aanya Broor - October 11th
Shields Mansour - October 13th
Viola Van Meter - October 15th
Garrett Fehl - October 15th
Misha Sophia Mohan - October 16th

Mallory Hays - October 17th
Anabella Espinoza - October 17th
Lila Celeste Harrington - October 18th
Frances Hogue - October 20th
Alice Harkin - October 20th
Benjamin Kreider - October 20th
Benson Lev Mintz - October 21st
Sebastian James Hill - October 23rd
Gianni Dosualdo - October 25th
Wells Carrere - October 26th
Emilie Whitten - October 26th
Piper C. Watts - October 26th
Mateo Bermudez - October 30th
William Dixon - October 31st

SEPTEMBER Birthdays!

Daniel Klein Ribeiro - September 1st

Harris Bronstein - September 4th

Grayson Parker - September 4th

Olivia Rodilosso - September 7th

Sloane Nicodemus - September 8th

Hudson Thompson - September 8th

Angus Brownlie - September 9th

Grant Follette - September 9th

Kyle Bayazitoglu - September 10th

Katherine Herdocia - September 11th

Wilson Wycoff - September 15th

Campbell Conerly - September 15th

Alexander Leo Arminius Dorn - September 16th

Lilia Mohan - September 17th

Kaia Wu - September 18th

Jayden Androphy - September 18th

Sofia Jamea - September 18th

Brooks Keller - September 18th

Victoria Dennison - September 18th

Crew McQuade - September 19th

Henry Williams - September 20th

Hamish Brownlie - September 20th

Scarlett Schlacher - September 20th

Camden Rushing - September 21st

Liam Gavin Belen - September 21st

Emma Grace Deniger - September 21st

Rebecca Flores - September 21st

Isabella Prokofieva - September 21st

Hannah Abate - September 23rd

Charlotte Clower - September 24th

Camilla Allison - September 25th

Zavier Alousi - September 25th

Tyler Graf - September 25th

Eloise Perrin - September 25th

Caffery Hilliard - September 26th

Luna Yazawa - September 26th

Lanie Lovett Henry - September 27th

Warwick “Wick” Antweil - September 30th

Barrett Blackmur - September 30th

Jesse Yip - September 30th

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