STAAR Testing: Grades K-2 Will Be Asynchronous on May 11 & May 12


The STAAR Math, Reading, and Science tests are in May, and the state of Texas has structured the protocols differently this year to allow everyone to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. One key point is the STAAR test can only be given on campus. It cannot be done virtually, so our virtual students will be coming in-person to test.

The STAAR testing schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 11: Grades 3-5 Math

  • Wednesday, May 12: Grades 3-5 Reading

  • Thursday, May 13: Grade 5 Science

Given the new guidelines and options available, here is how West U will administer the tests to allow enough space to test all students:

  • K-2 students will work asynchronously at home on May 11 & 12.

  • 3-5 students will come to campus to take the STAAR tests and finish out the day as normal. Virtual learners will not be staying; parents will be contacted and given more details.

  • All teachers, K-5 and Ancillary, will participate in the testing process.

  • All virtual students who participate will only be grouped with other virtual students.

  • This increases the number of testing classrooms we need, which is a key factor to having K-2 students work asynchronously.

  • We are only administering paper-based tests; no online tests this year.

Thank you for your continued support and flexibility this year.

All the best,

Principal Disch

West University Elementary School

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