Sign Up for the International Festival - Thurs., Jan 21 from 4-6pm

West University Elementary School International Festival 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021, 4-6pm

Around The World in West University

WUES Families can explore “Around the World in WU”! You will follow a map throughout West University, where the WUES International Festival Country Representatives will present their heritage on their front lawns! The whole event is based on the concept of a “drive-thru”. Country representatives will represent their heritage in the convenience of their front lawn. All other participating families, the “Travelers” will receive a passport and a map to find the potential stopping points for the countries. Each stopping point will provide a sticker for the passport. You would need to visit 5 different countries (and thus document 5 different stickers in your passport) to win a prize. 1. Everybody will start from their own household. There are no specific routes or starting points. Families are simply encouraged to visit the countries that they are interested in and to visit at least five different countries so that they are able to win a prize. 2. Only one (1) family will represent their respective country that they signed up for. 3. One country, however, can be represented by more than one family, e.g. six families could represent six different versions of Belgium or five families could represent five different versions of India. Participating “Travelers” have the option to choose freely to visit one, two, three, or all of the county representations in this case, however, “Travelers” will only get credit for “one” country. As stated above, they must visit 5 different countries to get the prize. 4. We encourage all of the participating families to get creative representing their respective countries! Feel free to wear your country's dress, decorate your lawn and table, show pictures, flags, items, etc. We further encourage those who plan to hand out potential materials, such as flyers, food, etc. to do so in the form of take-out souvenir bags. Everything should be ready to be handed out to all of the “Travelers” doing the drive-thru. 5. All participating families will be provided with stickers for the passports of the “Travelers”. Please also consider to save an area in front of your house as stopping points for the “Travelers”. 6. Everyone who is a “Traveler” will be asked to be creative as well: decorate your car or bike and have fun! We will have prizes for the best decorations in the category “Bike” and “Car”! While we like to bring all of the WU families together for this great event, however we will also ask everybody to follow the CDC guidelines: 1. Everyone participating is asked to social distance all the time and to wear their masks all the time when interacting with others. 2. Everyone is also asked to drive carefully and safely around the neighborhood! Please sign up here: If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us! We are happy to assist you! Let´s make this an international, creative, and fun event for our kids, our school, and our neighborhood! Anastasia Domakhina | Martina Luke-Dorn | Julie Gibson Chairs International Festival 2021

Thank you!


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