How Can You Share Your Talents With West U Elementary?


Please review the below list of PTO Executive Board and appointed positions then consider how you might share your talents and support WUES by volunteering for a position.  Often, more than one person is interested in the same position.  You can assist the Nominating Committee by considering more than one position.  Contact a current Board Member or committee chair if you have additional questions.  Please let us know of any area that you would like to volunteer in, no matter how big or small.

Once you're ready, please complete this form online. To be considered for an Elected Executive Board Position, this form must be submitted no later than Friday, February 26, 2020.  


Contact Helen Wright at or 713-299-1103 if you have questions.


The PTO Bylaws Article VI outlines the process for the election of Executive Board Members.   Helen Wright,  PTO Parliamentarian serves as the appointed Chairman of the Nominating Committee.  The Parliamentarian leads the efforts of the Committee but is non-voting except in the case that the Committee ends in a tie vote.  The Committee consists of five (5) voting members with one (1) alternate to serve in the event a member is unable to complete the process. No member of the Nominating Committee may be nominated by the Committee to fill an elected Executive Board position.  


The Nominating Committee first contacts the existing Executive Board members to see if they wish to be nominated for another term in office.  Each Executive Board Member may serve two terms in the same position.  If a position is vacant, the committee nominates an eligible person for each elected office to be filled and reports all nominees at the regular meeting in April. At which time additional nominations may be made from the floor.  The nominees will be publicized to the PTO membership through the Pony Express and/or the Monday folders at least ten days before the election meeting.  Only those persons who have given their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for or elected to any office.  Contact Helen Wright at 713-299-1103 or  if you have questions. 

​2021-2022 West University PTO
Executive Board and Activity Chair Positions

Elected PTO Executive Board Positions


  • President: Oversees and coordinates all PTO activities and general PTO meetings; represents WUES at HISD meetings; an ex-officio member of SDMC and West U Foundation.


  • President-Elect:  Presides over the PTO in the absence of the President; assists the President; an ex-officio member of SDMC and West U Foundation.  Oversees orientation and Red Apple back to school sale.  A two-year commitment.


  • Treasurer - EXPENSE: Administers day-to-day financial operations with regard to payments owed by the PTO.

  • Treasurer - INCOME: Administers day-to-day financial operations pertaining to income raised by the PTO.

  • VP Fundraising & Membership: Plans strategy and provides oversight for all the fundraising committees; oversees corporate underwriting campaigns and the general membership drive.

Directory                                  Annual Party/Auction (4 Chairs)

In-Kind Sponsorship              Corporate Sponsorship

Birthday Book Club                PTO Membership

Book Fair                                  Underwriting

Carnival                                    West U Gear                 

Box Tops                                   Sociables

Pavers                                       Booster-Thon    

  • VP Service: Plans and oversees service projects with the school administration: Recycle and Lost and Found  


  • VP Curriculum Enrichment: Plans, oversees, and coordinates enrichment programs with teachers and school administration.  

Art Night                                  Name That Book

Bluebonnet                             Odyssey of the Mind      

            Junior Achievement             Special Education Ambassador

International Festival          Science and Math Night


  • VP Instructional Support: Assists in developing and coordinating instructional support programs for the school.  

School Supplies


  • VP Budget and Finance: Prepares and manages the budget, and budgetary requests; and monitors expenses.

  • VP Volunteers: Trains school volunteers, maintains executive board and chair notebooks, oversees hospitality for school events, and teacher appreciation.  

Library Volunteers               Teacher Hospitality (Fantastic Fridays) 

Teacher Events                      New Family Coordinator

Red Apple                               Art Volunteer   

West U 101                             Garden Chairs

Grounds Chair               


  • VP Room Representative:  Plans and coordinates the efforts of grade-level representatives and room parents; prepares room parent notebooks, and ensures that HISD and school policy are communicated to room parents.  

            Grade Level Representatives (one per grade)     


  • VP Communications: Coordinates communication and publicity for the organization including the PTO website and oversees the publication of the yearbook.

Public Relations


E-Blast Coordinator

Social Media        


  • Secretary: Prepares, distributes the agendas and minutes for general PTO and executive board meetings.  Coordinates the printing and distribution of the first-day packets; handles PTO correspondence including notices of meetings.

Appointed PTO Executive Board Positions


  • Parliamentarian:  Advises on parliamentary procedure, ensure that the bylaws are upheld, and chairs the nominating committee. 

  • HISD Liaison:  Represent WUES at HISD meetings and events and communicate with the PTO membership regarding HISD activities and policies that will impact the school. 

  • School Representative: Scott C. Disch, Principal 

Other Appointed Positions

  • Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC): PTO President appoints two parent members for a two-year term. The goal of this committee is to review the district’s educational goals, objectives, and major district-wide classroom instructional programs.

  • West U Foundation Trustees Appointed Members:  PTO President appoints five trustees.  Members serve up to a five-year term.