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The Lost and Found Committee works to return items that are lost on West University Elementary School (WUES) property to their owners.


At periodic times throughout the school year, the Committee will sort through these items and deposit any items with names on them with Nurse Paula Bottecelli for return to those students. The remainder of the items will be displayed either electronically or in a common area in the school for parents and students to claim their lost items. These displays will be announced to the school community. 

After a reasonable period of time of display, any unclaimed clothing items are laundered and donated to another elementary school within the Houston Independent School District (HISD) as a way to help students in need in our greater Houston community. The Committee works in partnership with these schools’ Wraparound Resource Specialists to help support investment in the whole child and to maximize academic outcomes by providing students with the non-academic supports that are necessary for school success. After each school partnership, the Committee works with that school’s Wraparound Resource Specialist to identify another HISD elementary school in need for future partnerships. 



Generally, the work of the Lost and Found Committee is flexible in terms of hours, duties, and time commitments. We hope that this will afford parents and guardians who might not be able to consistently volunteer during school hours, in addition to those parents and guardians who are available during the traditional school day, the opportunity to volunteer for this committee and to contribute in a meaningful and significant way to the WUES and greater HISD community.


If you are interested in volunteering for the Lost and Found Committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Daley Welch, at


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